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Genesis - Chapter 14

Bible Study Notes

Genesis 14:1-2 On one side of the war was the two kings that represented the wicked cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Notes: In ancient times, kings would often represent cities whereas today, kings represent nations.

Genesis 14:12 Lot at first dwelt in the land outside of the city limits of Sodom, but at this time he dwelt in the city itself.

Genesis 14:13 The ethnicity of Hebrew which means"descended from Eber" is first mentioned here and associated with Abraham.

Genesis 14:16 Although Abraham and Lot separated, Abraham came to Lot’s rescue.

Genesis 14:18 Melchizedek (which means king of righteousness) was a king and a priest from Salem (ancient Jerusalem). He is type of Christ who is the only one who holds both office of priest and king. Sharing both offices was not allowed by God when He established Israel as a nation.

Although very little is known about Melchizedek, he provides an interesting example of a priest-king linked to Jerusalem. There appears to have been an expectation that later kings of Jerusalem should resemble him.

The book of Hebrews presents Jesus Christ, from the royal line of David, as belonging to the "order of Melchizedek" and therefore superior to the Levitical priests.

Genesis 14:20 Melchizedek recognizes that God is the one who delivered Abraham’s enemies into his hands.

Genesis 14:20 Abraham gave Melchizedek a tenth of what he had and/or earned from the war. In contrast, to receive the plunder or even control of the lands from the king of Sodom would go against God’s timing for when Abraham would inherit the very possession now being offered to him.

Genesis 14:23 Abraham wanted his reputation as being rich to show it came from the Lord and not by any other source, for the Lord said he would make Abraham great.

Notes: Abraham most likely thought he was the only one who knew or worshiped the true God. He found a fellow believer in Melchizedek who he felt was superior to him (being a priest of the God Most High). This must have confirmed Abraham’s faith, and because of the blessings Melchizedek bestowed upon Abraham, compelled him to give Melchizedek a tenth (10%) of all that he had.

Application: Abraham’s great faith reveals that he knows that everything he has is from the Lord and it all belongs to the Lord. When we give our resources to the Lord, it really is the Lord’s to begin with. We are just stewards of the resources He provides for us.

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