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Genesis - Chapter 13

Bible Study Notes

Genesis 13:1-4 Abraham left Egypt and settled in Negev where he was heading in the first place before the famine took him to Egypt. He continued on and ended up settling back where he first pitched his tent and built an altar in Bethel.

Genesis 13:5-6 Abraham and Lot had accumulated livestock in their traveling abroad. The valley they returned to could no longer all the animals they owned combined.

Genesis 13:14-16 Lot, it appears, seemed more interested in wealth then following Abraham and the Lord’s direction. Lot even compromised his spiritual welfare by moving close to a very evil city just so he could have the ‘better’ land. After Lot leaves, God again appears to Abraham and confirms His promise to give his offspring the land of Canaan. This could coincide with the fact that Lot is not to be included in the blessing.

Notes: You would think Abraham being the head of the family would choose first and choose the best of the land. Abraham had faith that God would bless him no matter what portion of land he was left with and generously gave Lot the opportunity to choose first. Maybe Abraham learned something from the Egypt episode….

Application: When you make decisions in your life, make sure you don’t compromise your walk with the Lord regardless of the physical or material gain you may receive.

Genesis 13:16 The Lord emphasizes that the number of Abraham’s offspring will be large by using the illustration ‘As the dust of the earth’. And Abraham still has no children!

Genesis 13:18 Because Abraham never settled in one place, he would build a new altar soon after settling down, kind of like taking his church or sanctuary with him.

Application: Worshiping the Lord should be the number one priority in our lives.

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