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Genesis - Chapter 10

Bible Study Notes

Genesis 10:1 Daughters were also born, but sons are only mentioned to stress the line to the Messiah.

Genesis 10:5 After the Tower of Babel.

Genesis 10:11-14 Note again the peoples who came from Ham. The Philistines and the people of Nineveh were not under Canaan’s curse from Noah, but they also were a plague to the line of Shem. It seems that all of Ham’s descendants in one way or another were enemies of Shem’s descendants. Both the Assyrians and Babylonians played major roles being used by God before the time of Jesus to punish the Israelites when they strayed from their righteous path.

Genesis 10:21 Note that Shem was the oldest son. The eldest son normally would receive the spiritual and material blessings from the father. In other words, the first born would inherit everything from his father, just as Christ will inherit the throne and reign in Jerusalem during the millennium.

Genesis 10:22 Shem’s son, Arpachshad, continues the line to Messiah. Arpachshad fathered Shelah, and Shelah, fathered Eber.

Genesis 10:25 Eber continued the line to Messiah when he fathered Peleg, who was alive at the time of the incident of the Tower of Babel.

Notes: Later in chapter 11, Shem’s line to the Messiah is continued from Peleg, to Reu, to Serug, to Hahor, to Terah, to Abram (Abraham).

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