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Genesis - Chapter 08

Bible Study Notes

Genesis 8:1 God remembered Noah… Not that God could have forgotten Noah, but rather that God remembered His covenant with Noah which indicates that He is about to take action based on that covenant. God made a wind blow over the earth…The Hebrew word for wind, ruakh, is also sometimes translated “Spirit”. While the context normally enables the reader to distinguish ruakh meaning “wind” from ruach meaning “Spirit,” the present verse intentionally echoes 1:2 which says, “And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.”

Genesis 8:4 The ark rested in the seventh month on the mountains of Ararat.

Genesis 8:5 Mountain tops could be seen in the tenth month.

Genesis 8:6 Previously back on day 40 when it stopped raining, Noah immediately sent out a raven (bird) to see if there was any dry land.

Genesis 8:12 Noah continued to send out a dove (who is much more selective in its food choices than a raven) until evidence that dry earth was found. At last, when the dove did not return indicated to Noah that enough dry land was available that the dove need not return.

Genesis 8:16 Noah waited on God as to when he could leave the ark.

Genesis 8:17 Everything left the ark to start fresh all over again.

Genesis 8:20 Noah’s first act upon obeying the Lord in leaving that ark was to thank Him for their safe passage through the flood by building an altar and offering animal sacrifices to the Lord. The offering being a burnt offering also acts as an atonement for sin where the aroma is soothing to the Lord’s anger over the sin that caused His wrath to destroy the earth by a flood. And even though man’s nature didn’t change by the flood, God’s attitude has changed based upon Noah’s sacrifice to never again destroy the earth in such a way. This proves that atonement through sacrifice is possible, securing a peaceful relationship between the Lord and humanity. The ultimate atonement is Christ’s sacrifice that changes our destiny (God’s wrath by sending us to Hell as we deserve) to Heaven through salvation. Like Noah and all were saved from God’s wrath through the flood, we shall be saved by God’s wrath through death because of Jesus’ sacrifice and our faith in Jesus.

Genesis 8:21 The Lord responded to Noah’s sacrifice (as pleasing to Him) that He would never again curse the ground nor strike down every living creature. The seasons as we know them today shall not cease as long as the current earth as we know it remains.

Notes: Because of the cataclysmic changes below and above the earth from the flood, the earth was now subject to storms and severe weather, blazing heat, freezing cold, seismic action, and natural disasters. The altered environment also affected the short longevity of man and most likely diseases caused by the breakdown of the body’s immune system from its’ current environment.

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