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Genesis - Chapter 07

Bible Study Notes

Genesis 7:2 Note that the Lord has Noah gather 1 pair of all male and female animals, but actually 7 pairs of clean animals and birds. They were needed for sacrifice and food after the flood.

Genesis 7:4 The Lord gave a last warning of 7 days, and yet no one repented. All the animals, birds, and creeping things came and entered the ark at this time.

Genesis 7:11 Not only did it rain, but water under the earth burst out of the ground.

Genesis 7:16 The Lord shut the door of the ark.

Genesis 7:19 The waters rose above the highest mountains, being 22.5 feet under water. In that area, Mount Ararat is 17,000 feet high above the ground.

Genesis 7:22 Everything that breathed air died.

Genesis 7:24 Even if birds were in the air when the flood came, they would tire and fall before 150 days (5 months). It would be another 7 months (total of about 1 year) before the land was dry enough for all to leave the ark.

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