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Genesis - Chapter 04

Bible Study Notes

Genesis 4:4 The Lord approved of Abel’s offering for at some point He must have instructed man that he needed to provide offerings for their sins and what kind was acceptable.

Genesis 4:7 The Lord warned Cain that he must approach a Holy God based on God’s terms, not man’s terms. If Cain refused to follow God’s commands, then sin would wait to pounce on him like a Lion and eventually overpower him.

Genesis 4:8 Instead of doing the right thing, Cain out of jealousy that Abel was approved by God along with his possible anger at God for not accepting him the way he was then kills his brother Abel. Sin has now mastered Cain as the Lord warned. Cain lies to the Lord about Abel’s whereabouts and shows no remorse.

Genesis 4:15-16 The Lord shows again mercy to Cain. He should have taken Cain’s life. Why the Lord grants protection could only be because Cain cried out to the Lord for that mercy, but yet again, we see no evidence that Cain was sorry for his sin of killing Abel.

Notes: Adam and Eve were banned from the garden, but Cain was banned from the presence of the Lord. The more we give into sin, the further we remove ourselves from the fellowship, care, and protection of the Lord. Cain was a farmer of the land, and his punishment further punished the land he would have to work to produce crop.

Genesis 4:17-22 The only woman Cain could have married was his sister. It was not forbidden yet at this time in history, and the genetic makeup of man was still very strong to prevent defects in birth. Lamech took two wives. This was another act of rebellion, for it is clear that the Lord meant one man for one woman (one flesh).  Musical instruments were invented at this time along with tools to aid in work. Man was created in God’s image, allowing man the wisdom to create and invent, but yet with objects already in existence that the Lord spoke into being.

Genesis 4:24 Was Lamech acting with self-righteousness? Did he assume it was okay to kill seeing that his ancestor Cain did and was protected? Notice no word from the Lord. The Lord already banished Cain from His presence, and Cain’s descendants even further. Note that Lamech was worse than Cain in his sins.

Genesis 4:25 Eve believed that Seth was Abel’s righteous replacement that would produce the One to overcome the serpent (Messiah – Savior – Jesus). It is apparent that no one from Cain’s descendants would produce the Messiah.

Notes: There is no reason to believe that Adam and Eve didn’t expect the Messiah would come in their lifetime. As no one knew the exact time of Jesus’ first coming, neither do we know His second coming. Even the Apostles believed based on their writings that Jesus would return in their lifetime.

Genesis 4:26 When Seth’s son Enosh was born, at this time, people began to again call and seek after the Lord.

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