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Genesis - Chapter 03

Bible Study Notes

Genesis 3:1 Serpent (which means snake - a manifestation of Satan) misquotes God. "any tree". The rebellion of Satan, therefore, had occurred sometime after God declared everything good. Satan was cast to the earth (a high ranking, most likely the most powerful angel created by God) to tempt mankind to fall. Satan wanted to ascend to God’s throne and be God.

Genesis 3:3 But God said, ‘You shall not eat of the fruit of the tree that is in the midst of the garden, neither shall you touch it, lest you die.’" Eve views God’s instructions as open to human modification.

Genesis 3:4 Serpent is lying. He is calling God a liar, and that He can’t be trusted. Irony of the serpent’s remarks: Man was given authority over the creature, but he instead obeys the serpent.

Genesis 3:6 Man wanted to be like God. The disastrous consequences of Adam’s sin cannot be overemphasized, resulting in the fall of mankind, the beginning of every kind of sin, suffering, and pain, as well as physical and spiritual death for the human race.

Notes: Eve was deceived, but Adam sinned without deception.

Genesis 3:7 Knowing Evil, their innocence was gone. They were ashamed of their nakedness. They tried to cover their own shame (sin) in their own way.

Genesis 3:9 God thus confronts Adam first, holding him primarily responsible for what happened, as the one who is the representative (or "head")of the husband-and-wife relationship.

Genesis 3:12 Adam blames Eve for eating of the fruit.

Genesis 3:13 Eve blames the serpent. Not only did Adam and Eve try to cover their sin and hide it from God (God knows and sees), but they wouldn’t take responsibility for their sin and blamed others. When sinners refuse to repent, they suffer judgment; when they do repent, they receive forgiveness.

Genesis 3:14 God curses the serpent.

Genesis 3:15 God pronounces (prophesies) judgment upon Satan who used the serpent that there would be war against Satan’s seed (Ungodly men that follow Satan). He (Jesus) shall bruise your head (Satan) – mortal blow to Satan at the cross and you (Satan) shall bruise His (Jesus) heel – cause Jesus to suffer at the cross.

Genesis 3:16 Eve suffers in childbearing. This strikes at the very heart of the woman’s distinctiveness, for she is the "mother of all living". This is a constant reminder that a woman gave birth to sin in the human race and passes it on to all her children.

Genesis 3:17 Adam suffers working the soil to make a living. All of creation suffers because of sin. This strikes at the very heart of man being created from the ground. The garden in its’ perfect state produced easily and abundantly, now man has to deal with the frustration of weeds, pests, and climate to produce the same crop.

Notes: The woman sinned because she acted independently of her husband, disdaining his leadership, counsel, and protection. The man sinned because he abandoned his leadership and followed the wishes of his wife. In both cases, God’s intended roles were reversed. Eve will have the sinful"desire" to oppose Adam and to assert leadership over him, reversing God’s plan for Adam’s leadership in marriage. But (2) Adam will also abandon his God-given, pre-fall role of leading, guarding, and caring for his wife, replacing this with his own sinful, distorted desire to "rule" over Eve. Thus one of the most tragic results of Adam and Eve’s rebellion against God is an ongoing, damaging conflict between husband and wife in marriage, driven by the sinful behavior of both in rebellion against their respective God-given roles and responsibilities in marriage. BUT, the regenerate man, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit help men and women fulfill their pre-fall roles.

Genesis 3:19 God fulfills His promise to man that he would surely die and return to dust, not only physically, but spiritually.

Genesis 3:21 God rejected the covering Adam and Eve used to hide their nakedness (shame – sin) and instead provided the covering, the only covering that can temporarily cover sin, and that is by shedding the blood of the innocent. In this case, God shed the blood of some animal, probably a lamb, to use the skin of the lamb as clothing to cover Adam and Eve. And eventually, sacrificial death of Christ as an atonement for sin.

Notes: The first physical deaths should have been the man and his wife, but it was an animal—a shadow of the reality that God would someday kill a substitute to redeem sinners.

Genesis 3:22 Again, the use of the word ‘us’ shows that God is one, but made up of three persons as the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The Lord prevented man from eating of the Tree of Life in order that they may not live forever in their spiritually dead state. The Lord showed his mercy by allowing man to die in order to be resurrected in the future to eternal life by the provision He has yet to provide by the evidence in verse 15 of the coming of the Redeemer who will redeem man from his sin. Jesus.

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