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Numbers - Chapter 36

Bible Study Notes
Numbers 36:1-4 Heads of the clan of the people of Gilead of the tribe of Manasseh spoke to Moses to remind him that he promised the inheritance of Zelphehad to his daughters. They were concerned that if they married men from another tribe that their inheritance would go to the other tribe. When the year of Jubilee came, the inheritance would always be returned and remain in the other tribe.

Numbers 36:5-13 The Lord commanded through Moses and told the people that the daughters must marry within their tribe if the land they inherited was to remain in their own tribe. This way, all the land originally given to each tribe would remain with that tribe. The daughters decided to marry men within their tribe own tribe, their cousins, to hold onto the land.

Notes: This law does not mean one can’t marry someone from another tribe, but it would be better if they did, for this promise that the tribes will always live in their God-given land. Genesis 17:8, “I will give to you and to your offspring… all the land of Canaan, for an everlasting possession.”

The book closes by reminding the reader that the LORD commanded its content through Moses.

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