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Numbers - Chapter 27

Bible Study Notes

Numbers 27:1-11 The daughters of Zelphehad came to Moses and Eleazar and declared that their father had no sons. Because an inheritance was passed to sons, they felt that they should get the inheritance to continue the family name. Moses asked the Lord about this and the Lord agreed to the request of the daughters of Zelphehad. The Lord instructed Moses that if a man dies with no sons, the inheritance goes to the daughters, and if he has no daughters, his inheritance shall go to his brothers, and if he has no brothers, his inheritance shall go the nearest kinsman of his clan.

Numbers 27:12-18 The Lord instructed Moses to climb the mountain of Abarim and see the land the will be given to Israel, and when Moses has seen it, he will die on the mountain and not enter the promised land because of his sin when striking the rock. Moses requested that the Lord should replace him with another that will take care of the children of Israel as a shepherd. The Lord picked Joshua, son of Nun, one of the spies (The other being Caleb) who gave a favorable message about the land of Canaan and whom the Lord spared to not die in the wilderness, but would live to receive an inheritance in the promised land.

Numbers 27:19-23 The Lord instructed Moses to have Joshua stand before Eleazar the priest and all the congregation where he would be commissioned in their sight as the new leader who must they must obey. Eleazar will use the Urim before the Lord to prove the Lord has chosen Joshua.

Notes: Moses had been able to communicate directly with God, but Joshua would receive the word from the Lord through the high priest. The Urim was part of the high priest’s breastpiece and was used as a means of determining God’s will.

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