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Numbers - Chapter 18

Bible Study Notes

Numbers 18:1-7 The Lord told Aaron that he and his sons will bear the iniquity with the sanctuary and the priesthood. The Lord reaffirmed the priesthood and the role their Levi brothers would play in interceding for the people of Israel. The Lord reminded them that they were not to approach the people outside of the sanctuary, nor were the people were to approach them in the sanctuary.

Notes: Aaron and his sons from this point forward were responsible for any offense against the holiness of the tabernacle or violations of the rules of priesthood. Even though the priesthood demanded much, the priests were to view it as a gift from the Lord.

Numbers 18:8-17 The Lord told Aaron that his and his sons portion were to be the contributions and the consecrated things of the people. This included every type of offering made where they would eat their portion in the most holy place. Only those clean shall eat of it. They would receive the best of the oil, wine, and grain. They were to receive the firstfruits of all fruit shall be theirs. Every devoted thing in Israel shall be theirs. All that open the womb of all flesh, whether man or beast which the people offer to the Lord shall be theirs. Actually, the firstborn of man and unclean animals shall instead be redeemed instead.

Numbers 18:18-20 The Lord told Aaron that his and his family’s portion will be the holy contributions that the people of Israel present to the Lord, for they will not have an inheritance in the land because the Lord is their portion.

Notes: They could keep all of the parts of the sacrifices not consumed on the altar by fire. Also, the offerings of firstfruits and everything devoted to the Lord was theirs as well.

Numbers 18:21-24 The Levites were to receive the tithe from the people for their service.

Numbers 18:25-28 The Lord spoke to Moses to instruct the Levites take a portion of the tithe from the people and present it to the Lord, a tithe of the tithe and give it to Aaron.

Numbers 18:29-32 The Levites shall offer the best of the tithe of their received tithe from the people. The rest they may eat what remains of their tithe in any place as their reward in return for their service in the tent of meeting. They shall bear no sin by it if they contributed the best of it. They shall not profane the holy things of the people of Israel, lest they die.

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