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Numbers - Chapter 15

Bible Study Notes

Numbers 15:1-16 The Lord spoke to Moses to instruct the children of Israel how to make offerings to the Lord when they entered the land of Canaan whether it be a freewill offering or at appointed feasts. This included flock or food offerings for burnt offerings or sacrifices. These offerings were extended to the sojourner who lived with them.

Notes: The law of the grain offering recorded here differs from that given in Lev. 2. The grain offerings in Leviticus were offered separately as a gift to the Lord. Here, for the first time, grain and drink offerings were allowed to be offered along with either a burnt or a peace offering.

Numbers 15:17-26 The Lord spoke to Moses to instruct the children of Israel to contribute the first of the bread to the Lord when they first entered Canaan. Unintentional sins committed by the congregation must offer one bull as a burnt offering, with its grain and drink offering, one male goat for a sin offering. The priest shall take these and make atonement for the people of Israel and be forgiven, because it was a mistake and involved the entire population.

Numbers 15:27-31 If one person sins unintentionally, they shall offer a female goat as a sin offering. The priest shall make atonement for the person and be forgiven, because it was a mistake. If one person does anything intentionally, that person shall be cut off from the people for they showed they despised God’s Word.

Notes: does anything with a high hand. These sins, committed knowingly and deliberately, were described as blasphemous because they were an arrogant act of insubordination against the Lord.

Numbers 15:32-36 While in the wilderness, the people caught a man gathering sticks (working) on the Sabbath. They put the man in custody and brought him to Moses and Aaron. The Lord instructed Moses to put the man to death by stoning outside the camp.

Numbers 15:37-41 The Lord spoke to Moses to instruct the people to make and put tassels on the corners of their garments along with a cord of blue on the tassel. This was done so it would remind them of the Lord’s commandment and obey them, not follow their own heart and eyes. They are to be Holy and to remember that the Lord is God, the God that freed them from slavery out of the land of Egypt.

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