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Numbers - Chapter 12

Bible Study Notes
Numbers 12:1-9 Moses’ siblings, (Moses being the youngest), Miriam and Aaron spoke against Moses because of the Cushite (black) woman that Moses married after his first wife, Zipporah died. They both claimed that God had spoken to them the same way that God had spoken to Moses. Moses was meek, but the Lord called all three out to speak with them. The Lord explained that he speaks to his prophets in visions and dreams, but Moses He speaks mouth to mouth (plainly and audibly). Seeing that Moses was so great in God’s eyes, how dare Miriam and Aaron spake against Moses.

Notes: Since Miriam is mentioned first, she probably was the instigator of the attack against Moses. Moses being meek meant there was nothing Moses did that provoked this attack by his siblings. To oppose Moses, whom God had put in this position, was also to oppose God himself.

Numbers 12:10-16 When the Lord left the three, Miriam became leprous. Aaron repented and begged Moses not to punish them. Moses pleaded to the Lord to heal Miriam. The Lord said he would heal her in 7 days, the same amount of time that one that was unclean had to leave the camp if defiled. When the 7 days were up, Miriam was healed and the children of Israel set out from Hazeroth and camped in the wilderness of Paran.

Notes: A public sin required a public response from the Lord.

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