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Numbers - Chapter 11

Bible Study Notes

Numbers 11:1-15 During the journey, the people began to complain that had no meat to eat. They complained all they had was the manna that rained down from heaven. So the Lord was angry and killed some with fire, but Moses prayed to the Lord, and the fire died down. Most complained to the Lord that all the burden was upon him (Because the people blamed and pointed fingers at Moses) and it wasn’t fair. Moses would rather die than put up with the people.

Notes: God in his grace consumed only those who were on the very edges of the encampment of Israel.

Numbers 11:16-23 The Lord told Moses to gather 70 of the elders so he could place some of the Spirit that was given to Moses unto them to help out. The Lord told Moses to tell the people that tomorrow they will eat meat, for an entire month until they are sick of it as a punishment for their behavior. Moses questioned what kind of meat and how they could possibly take on the task of gathering all this meat by the next day. The Lord assured Moses that he had the strength to provide the meat Himself.

Numbers 11:24-30 Moses did as the Lord instructed and the 70 men began prophesying when the Spirit came upon them. Two of the men remained in camp, and they too began prophesying. The people reported this to Joshua and Joshua pleaded to Moses to stop them from prophesying for it appeared as if they were trying elevate themselves above Moses. Moses disagreed and instead wished that all the children of Israel would receive the Spirit of the Lord and be prophets.

Notes: Moses desired and anticipated the day when all of God’s people would have his Spirit within them. By this, he looked forward to the New Covenant. Would that all the Lord’s people were prophets! - anticipates Joel’s vision of the “day of the Lord,” when “your sons and daughters shall prophesy”.  When this passage (like most of the OT) speaks of the work of the Spirit, it is focusing primarily on the empowering of the Spirit for service to the people of God, more than an internal, personal experience.

Numbers 11:31-34 The next day, the Lord caused quail using a strong wind from the sea to come hover or cover three feet above the ground about a day’s journey around the camp. The children of Israel gathered the birds, 33 ounces at the least per person. As the people ate the meat, the Lord struck down the people with a plague and killed them.

Numbers 11:35 They next traveled from Kibroth-hattaavah to Hazeroth.

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