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Numbers - Chapter 09

Bible Study Notes

Numbers 9:1-5 The Israelites were to keep the Passover at twilight in the Wilderness of Sinai in the first month of the 14th day according to their calendar.

Numbers 9:6-14 Two unclean Israelites who touched a dead body inquired to Moses as to whether they can make their Passover offering. The Lord told Moses that they can it, but on the 14th day of the second month. Any clean who does not keep Passover shall be cut off from the people and they shall bear their own sin. The same rules apply to foreigners that live among the Israelites if they wanted to follow the God of Israel. They didn’t have to participate.

Notes: If any Israelite did not keep the Passover at the appointed time and was not unclean or away from the land, he was to be “cut off,” which implies that he was to be killed. Some think that they were miraculously executed by the Lord and other’s think it means that they were to be excommunicated from Israel. A non-Israelite who wished to participate in the Passover would be required to be circumcised.

Numbers 9:15-23 After the tabernacle was set up, God’s cloud covered it by day and the cloud appearing like fire by night. If they cloud lifted, it was time to break camp and march. If the cloud came back, they set up and remained in camp.

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