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Numbers - Chapter 07

Bible Study Notes

Numbers 7:1-11 The Tabernacle was consecrated. The chiefs of Israel brought their sacrifices and offerings to the Levites. This was part of the dedication.

Notes: The order of the presentation by tribe of their offerings to the tabernacle was the same as the order of march given.

Numbers 7:12-83 Each day, the chief of each tribe would offer their offering for the dedication. The tribe of Judah was first and the chief of Naphtali was the last. They all offered the same thing:

130 shekel silver plate

70 shekel silver basin – Filled with fine flour mixed with oil for a grain offering.

10 shekel golden dish full of incense

1 bull, 1 ram, 1 male lamb a year old for a burnt offering

1 male goat for a sin offering

2 oxen, 5 rams, 5 male goats, and 5 male lambs a year old for the peace offering.

Notes: As the people of Israel had been generous in giving to the construction of the tabernacle, they showed the same generosity in its dedication.

Numbers 7:84-89 All the offerings mentioned above was for the dedication offering for the altar after it was anointed. The Lord then spoke to Moses above the mercy seat that was on the ark of the testimony (covenant), from between the 2 cherubim.

Notes: Each of the leaders gave the same offerings to the tabernacle. Here the total of all the gifts was given.

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