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Numbers - Chapter 05

Bible Study Notes
Numbers 5:1-10 The Lord instructed Moses to put outside the camp all those that will defile the rest of the people (Leprous, those that had a discharge, and unclean if they had contact with the dead). The people must confess their sins and make restitution. If no one can be found, then the restitution shall go to the Lord via the Priests with a ram sacrifice.

Notes: These are outward visible defects. God’s holy presence in the cloud in the tabernacle demanded cleanness. Therefore, all the unclean were barred from the encampment of Israel.

Numbers 5:11-31 If a wife is unfaithful to her husband, but there is no proof, although a spirit of jealousy may come upon the husband, he shall bring his wife to the priest with an offering. The priest shall set the woman before the Lord. She shall unbind her hair, hold the offering in her hands, and take an oath that if she is not guilty, drinking the offering the offering will not harm her, else she will receive a curse from the Lord that will bring her pain that would prevent her from having children. But because there is not witnesses that she had been unfaithful, she would not be put to death. By performing this test, whether the woman is guilty or not, the man shall be free from iniquity, but not the woman if she is guilty.

Notes: This ritual is an acted-out prayer that God would show whether a man’s suspicions about his wife’s fidelity were justified

unbind the head. This phrase signifies mourning. This seems to signify the expectation of judgment and consequent mourning if the woman was proven to be guilty.

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