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Hebrews - Chapter 12

Bible Study Notes

Hebrews 13:1:6 Show love for your brothers and sisters in Christ. Be hospital to strangers for they could be angels in disguise (Examples are Abraham and Sarah, Lot, and Gideon, and Manoah). Remember those in prison and mistreated for their faith and feel their pain. Keep your marriages pure. Be content with what you have and not love the gaining of money to have more for in the end, the Lord is all we need.

Hebrews 13:7:13 Pray for and imitate your righteous leader’s faith. The object of our faith never changes, so we should not come up with our own ways to view God and how to please him. Abide in sound doctrine. Don’t be led away by strange beliefs of other people of God that is not in the scriptures. There is more benefit in grace to our souls than food for our bodies. We are identified with Christ and our fed by his own body and blood whereas the Jew still practice the old way that does him no good. Don’t follow the crowd to please men, but follow Christ and endure the reproach of men for being narrow-minded and putting all our hope in Him alone.

Hebrews 13:14:19 We are not of this world, but wait for the heavenly city that will last forever. So let us continue to offer up sacrifices of praise to God who has done it all for us. Do good and share for these sacrifices outside of your own selfishness pleases God. Obey and submit to those over you for they will one day give an account to God on how they shepherded you, whether they did it with joy or grudgingly. The author asks for prayer for they hope to be restored to the fellowship they belong to sooner.

Hebrews 13:20:21 The writer of Hebrews prays that God who saved you through His son, Jesus, equip us with everything good things so we can do His will, working in us to be pleasing to Him, through Jesus, to whom has been given glory forever.

Hebrews 13:22:29 The writer of Hebrews mentions that Timothy has been released from prison to help exhort them and also hopes to see them soon also. The writer states that all the saints in Italy greets them. He lastly prays that God’s grace be with all of them.

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