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Hebrews - Chapter 08

Bible Study Notes

Hebrews 8:1:7 Here is the point made so far. Jesus is our High Priest and is seated at His Father’s right hand of Power on the throne in heaven. Jesus is the true tabernacle. The priests that serve under the old covenant are just a copy or a shadow of the heavenly things. Moses was instructed to build the tabernacle based on a pattern of the heavenly tabernacle that God showed him. Jesus’ ministry is more excellent than the old covenant since it is based on better (Abrahamic) promises.

Notes: Jesus serves in a better tabernacle (In Heaven).
copy and shadow. This does not mean that there are actual buildings in heaven that were copied in the tabernacle, but rather that the heavenly realities were adequately symbolized and represented in the earthly tabernacle model. The earthly tabernacle functions as a picture of entering into God’s presence in heaven. Human beings made the earthly tabernacle; the heavenly tabernacle was set up by the Lord himself.

If that first covenant had been faultless. The Mosaic covenant was not wrong; rather, it was weak and ineffective since it could not bring people to perfection. God’s purposes in the old covenant (among others) were to inform his people of the moral law, to convict them of sin and to establish the pattern of sacrifice, priesthood, and promise of salvation that is fulfilled in Christ. Yet the inability of sinful humanity to achieve perfection under the old covenant required the promise of a second covenant, proving the ineffectiveness of the first.

Hebrews 8:8:13 The Old Testament scriptures said that the Lord would establish a new covenant with Israel and Judah, unlike the old covenant that the children of Israel couldn’t even keep. Instead of on stone that displays God’s laws and regulations, God would write them on our hearts and minds through Christ where we can have a true relationship with the Father begin forgiven of our sins. Because of Jesus, the Holy Spirit will guide us into all truth and the father will have mercy on our sins to the point of remembering them never again. With the new covenant, the old covenant is now obsolete and will eventually completely vanish away.

Notes: minds . . . hearts. By its nature, the covenant of law was primarily external, but the New Covenant is internal.
ready to vanish away. Soon after the book of Hebrews was written, the temple in Jerusalem was destroyed and its Levitical worship ended.

The Jews were at fault for why the Old Covenant failed. This new covenant involves a transformation of the inner life of its recipients by writing God’s laws into their minds and hearts so that all know him and it brings true, final forgiveness of sins.

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