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Hebrews - Chapter 04

Bible Study Notes

Hebrews 4:1-7 Fear if you think you may not be saved and have not entered God’s rest through Jesus. Today, we have an advantage over the children of Israel of old because we are united by faith in the person of Jesus. The bible states that God rested on the 7th day, but the children of Israel did not enter God’s rest into the Promised Land. Therefore, there remains a rest to be entered into. And spiritually speaking, this rest is available to all those who receive faith in Jesus. So if TODAY (urgency) you hear the gospel of Jesus, don’t harden your hearts, but believe and be saved, for you know not what tomorrow will bring (death without Jesus).

Notes: For believers, God’s rest includes his peace, confidence of salvation, reliance on his strength, and assurance of a future heavenly home. Mere knowledge of God’s message is not sufficient. It must be appropriated by saving faith.

Hebrews 4:8-13 Joshua didn’t give them rest in the Promised Land, so there is another future day yet appointed for that rest, and that is in Jesus. If you enter into that rest (Jesus), than you have rested from your works (The Law), as God did from His on the 7th day of creation. No creature is hidden from God’s sight. Like a two-edged sword, God’s word penetrates deep into man’s soul and spirit. Don’t ignore it. For one day we will give an account to God if we reject His rest.

Notes: two-edged sword: While the word of God is comforting and nourishing to those who believe, it is a tool of judgment and execution for those who have not committed themselves to Jesus Christ.

Hebrews 4:14-16 Jesus is the great High Priest who sacrificed Himself four our sins and has passed into Heaven and paved the path for us to follow if we place our faith in Him and enter into His rest. Jesus sympathizes with our weakness. He was tempted just as we are, but Jesus did not sin, which qualified Him to save us. So if we enter into His rest, we can now boldly approach God’s throne and receive mercy and grace from God when we fall and our weak as we continue to walk in this life through our sanctification as followers of Jesus.

Notes: Not only is Christ as apostle superior to Moses and to Joshua, but as high priest, he is superior to Aaron. passed through the heavens: Just as the high priest under the Old Covenant passed through three areas (the outer court, the Holy Place, and the Most Holy Place) to make the atoning sacrifice, Jesus passed through three heavens (the atmospheric heaven, the stellar heaven, and God’s abode; after making the perfect, final sacrifice.

Once a year on the Day of Atonement the high priest of Israel would enter the Most Holy Place to make atonement for the sins of the people. That tabernacle was only a limited copy of the heavenly reality. When Jesus entered into the heavenly Most Holy Place, having accomplished redemption, the earthly facsimile was replaced by the reality of heaven itself. Freed from that which is earthly, the Christian faith is characterized by the heavenly.

Most ancient rulers were unapproachable by anyone but their highest advisers (cf. Est. 4:11). In contrast, the Holy Spirit calls for all to come confidently before God’s throne to receive mercy and grace through Jesus Christ.

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