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Leviticus - Chapter 26

Bible Study Notes

Leviticus 26:1-13 No making and worshipping idols. No erecting images and pillars of carved stone to worship it. If the children of Israel observe the Lord’s commandments. The Lord will bless them with rain it its season to produce a good crops and fruits. They shall have plenty of bread and be secure in their land from any enemy. They shall have peace and need not fear for the land will drive out the wild beasts. They will conquer their enemies. The Lord will bless what they do and give them many children. They will have more than enough food to eat. The Lord will actually dwell with them and walk among them.

Leviticus 26:14-35 If the children of Israel disobey the Lord’s commandments, the Lord will visit them with panic and disease. Planting seeds will not produce good crops. Their enemies will invade and conquer them and be ruled over by their enemies. And if these punishments don’t teach them to obey, the same punishments will be completely worse. The Lord will let loose the wild beasts which shall kill their children and livestock. If these punishments don’t teach them to obey, the Lord will send pestilence and be delivered into the hands of their enemies. There will be famine in the land. Then they shall eat their own children for food. The Lord will cast down their altars and idols and strike them down. The Lord will devastate the land and scatter the children of Israel among the nations. And while the children of Israel are exiled to other lands, the land of Israel will finally enjoy its Sabbath rests.

Notes: Unlike the ultimate provisions of the unconditional covenant made with Abraham, all blessings in the covenant of Mosaic law were conditioned upon obedience. All this occurred in the terrible invasion of the northern kingdom of Israel in 722 b.c. by the Assyrians and the destruction of the southern kingdom of Judah in 605–586 b.c. by the Babylonians. In the case of Judah, it was a 70-year captivity to rest the land for all the Sabbath years that had been violated.

Leviticus 26:36-46 If any children of Israel happen to remain in the land, the Lord will drive fear into their hearts full of anxiety. They will eventually perish before their enemies. But while they are exiled they repent of their past ways and confess the sins they did and humble themselves before the Lord and make amends, the Lord will remember the covenant He made with Jacob and rescue them and eventually bring them back to the land of Israel.

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