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Leviticus - Chapter 14

Bible Study Notes

Leviticus 14:1-9 When a person is healed of leprosy, the priest shall examine to make sure and declare them clean. Offerings then need to be made to the Lord. They shall take two live clean birds, cedarwood, scarlet yarn and hyssop. One of the birds is to be killed over fresh water in an earthenware vessel. The live bird, cedarwood, yarn, and hyssop are dipped in the blood of the killed bird and sprinkled seven times on the cured person, who is then pronounced clean. The live bird is set free. The cleansed person shall wash their clothes, shave off all their hair and bathe in water. They can them come in the camp, but live outside their tent for seven days. On day seven, they shall shave all their hair again, wash their clothes and bathe in water.

Notes: The bundle of cedar and hyssop tied with scarlet included the living bird. It was all dipped seven times into the blood of the killed bird mixed with water to symbolize purification. The bird was then set free to symbolize the leper’s release from quarantine.

Leviticus 14:10-20 On the eighth day, they shall offer two male lambs, one young lamb, and a grain offering of three tenths of ephah of fine flour. One lamb is offered as a guilt offering with a log oil. The priest shall put some of the blood on the clean person’s right ear lobe, thumb, and big toe. The priest shall pour the oil in his left hand, then dip his right finger in that same oil and sprinkle it before the Lord seven times. Of that same oil, the priest shall put it on top of the blood he put on the clean person. The rest of the oil shall be poured on the head of the clean person. The priest shall then take the second lamb and offer it as a burnt offering along with the grain offering on the altar. The young lamb shall be offered as a sin offering.

Leviticus 14:21-32 A poor person may instead use one lamb for the guilt offering, and two turtledoves or two pigeons, one a sin offering, the other a burnt offering. He must also provide a tenth of ephah of fine flour.

Leviticus 14:33-47 These verses deal with leprosy found in the walls of a house that the Lord specifically puts there. When the priest is told, he shall empty the house in order that not everything be contaminated. He shall examine the house and shut it up for seven days if he finds the disease. After seven days, if the disease is still there, then they shall remove the parts of the house that is diseased and replace it. If after that, the house shows signs of the leprous disease again, then house shall be torn down. Anyone that enters the house while it is shut up shall be unclean until evening. Anyone that sleeps in the house must wash their clothes. Anyone who eats in the house shall wash their clothes.

Notes: God’s sovereign hand is acknowledged in the diseases that were in Canaan. He had his purposes for these afflictions, as he always does. Uniquely, in Israel’s case, they allowed for object lessons on holiness.

Leviticus 14:48-57 If the house is clean, the priest shall make an offering with the two birds as mentioned in verses 4 – 7.

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