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Acts - Chapter 20

Bible Study Notes

Acts 20:1-6 Paul went to Macedonia, giving much encouragement to the disciples, then went to Greece. After three months, a plot was made against his life as he was about to sail to Syria. He changed his plans and passed instead through Macedonia taking with him traveling companions from various provinces in which he had ministered. Luke and possibly Titus awaited for Paul’s arrival in Philippi where they crossed over all together to Troas.

Acts 20:7-16 Paul arrived in Troas and spent time with disciples talking until midnight. A young man named Eutychus fell asleep listening to Paul and fell three stories from the window hitting the ground dead. Paul brought him back to life, came back up to the room with Eutychus, broke bread and eaten, and continued to converse as if nothing happened. Paul’s companions left for Assos by boat and Paul walked. At Assos, Paul boarded the boat and went to Mitylene, then Samos, then finally Miletus. Paul sailed past Ephesus to avoid spending time in Asia for her was in a hurry to get to Jerusalem by Pentecost.

Notes: The main reason Paul was going to Jerusalem was to take a collection from his Gentile churches to the needy Christians.

Acts 20:17-35 Instead, while at Miletus, Paul called the elders from Ephesus to him in order to speak with them. He recapped to them his purpose and mission in Asia serving the Lord faithfully. He explained how he was going to Jerusalem, even with the testimony from the Holy Spirit that trouble awaited him there. Paul explained he was not afraid to die, but wanted to finish the job God gave him to do faithfully and was ready for whatever fate awaited him. He warned them to take care of the churches in Asia faithfully, for he feared that false teachers would arrive once he was gone to lead the believers away from the true faith. Paul explained that he never coveted anyone’s gold or silver when preaching the gospel, but worked with his own hands to support himself to help validate the sincerity of his calling to preach. He admonished them to remember the weak and how the Lord Jesus said that it was more blessed to give than to receive.

Notes: coveted. Love of money is a hallmark of false teachers, but did not characterize Paul’s ministry.

Acts 20:36-38 When Paul finished speaking, they prayed together, and there was much weeping because of Paul’s departure, knowing that they would never see him again.

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