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Acts - Chapter 06

Bible Study Notes

Acts 6:1-7 The Greek Jews complained against the Hebrews that their widows were neglected. (Was this prejudice? Were the widows served last and not attended to because the attendants ran out of time? Were there not enough workers?). The 12 apostles spoke to the other disciples and agreed to hire more helpers so they can concentrate on just preaching the Word. They asked the Greek Jews to choose seven GOOD men. One of the men chosen was a man named Steven. The seven chosen were appointed to the task. The size of the church grew, and among them were many Jewish priests.

Notes: “Hellenists” were Jews from the Diaspora. The Hellenists’ absorption of aspects of Greek culture made them suspect to the Palestinian Jews. To be involved either in financial matters or in serving meals would take the Twelve away from their first priority.

Acts 6:8-12 Steven was doing great wonders by God’s grace and power. Enemies to the Gospel rose up and disputed with Steven, but they always lost the debate for Steven was filled with God’s wisdom. So instead, they stirred up the people and lied about Steven saying he was blaspheming against Moses and God. So they bound Steven and brought him before the council of the Jewish leaders.

Notes: The word translated “disputed” signifies a formal debate. They no doubt focused on such themes as the death and resurrection of Jesus, and the OT evidence that he was the Messiah.

Acts 6:13-15 The enemies of Steven found witnesses who were willing to lie (false witness) about Steven and try to get him condemned according to the Law of Moses. They claimed that Steven spoke against the Temple and the Law of Moses. They said that Steven claimed that Jesus would come back, destroy the Temple, and change the customs that Moses delivered to them. As the false witnesses spoke, the council stared at Steven and saw that his face was like the face of an angel.

Notes: Face of an angel: Pure, calm, unruffled composure, reflecting the presence of God.

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