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Acts - Chapter 03

Bible Study Notes

Acts 3:1-10 Around 3:00pm, Peter and John headed to the temple to pray. They came across a lame beggar at the gate whom asked the disciples for money. Seeing a more important spiritual need, Peter told the man that instead of money he would give himself something better, a healing of his condition through the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. The man was immediately healed, followed the disciples into the temple leaping and praising God. All the people knew this man was crippled and were amazed at his healing.

Notes: 3 times a day they had prayer, 9:00am, 12:00pm, and 3:00pm. Beggars considered the temple the best traffic to get donations (like the intersection of Wal-Mart).

Acts 3:11-16 Seeing the people gather around the healed man, Peter addressed them by asking why they wondered at the miracle. He attributed the healing to Jesus who was glorified by God by raising Him from the dead after the Jews rejected him and put Him to death. He told them that by Jesus’ name and faith in His name the miracle occurred.

Notes: By faith in his name refers to Peter’s faith rather than to any faith on the part of the lame man. Jesus healed the man, and faith (or trust) in Jesus also healed the man, because Jesus worked through Peter’s faith,  the faith that is through Jesus. Jesus himself imparts this kind of miracle-working faith to people’s hearts.

Acts 3:17-26 Peter claimed that they and even the rulers acted in ignorance by rejecting Jesus for it was prophesied in scripture that the Christ would suffer. He told them to change their mind about God and turn back to Him so that their sins would be blotted out for one day Jesus will come back to rule as the prophets of old said. Peter quoted what Moses said about God raising up prophet like himself and that prophet MUST be listened to or be destroyed. Peter said all the prophets from Samuel and on prophesied about this day how all the families of the earth would be blessed starting with those of the covenant (The Jews). By raising Jesus from the dead, God could now through faith in Jesus turn us from our wickedness and wiping our sins clean in order to bless us and give us eternal life.

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