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Exodus - Chapter 38

Bible Study Notes

Exodus 38:1-7 Led by Bezalel, the altar of burnt offering along with its the utensils and objects were constructed.

Exodus 38:8 Led by Bezalel, the bronze basin made from the mirrors of the ministering women was constructed.

Note: The mirrors would have been good quality and made of highly polished pieces of bronze that were most likely brought out of Egypt

Exodus 38:9-20 Led by Bezalel, the court area was constructed.

Exodus 38:21-31 All was made as the Lord commanded Moses.
    29 talents and 730 shekels of gold.
   100 talents and 1,775 shekels of silver.
     75 talents and 2,400 shekels of bronze.

There were listed, 20 years old and up, 603,550 men.

Notes: See Chapter 27 and the latter half of Chapter 30 for the instructions on how to build these objects.

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