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Exodus - Chapter 37

Bible Study Notes

Exodus 37:1-9  Led by Bezalel, the ark of the covenant along with the two cherubim and the mercy were constructed. When finished, Moses put inside the ark the ten commandments.

Exodus 37:10-16  Led by Bezalel, the table of bread and the vessels for incense and drink offerings were constructed. The bread will be made later to go on the table once the tabernacle is finally assembled.

Exodus 37:17-24  Led by Bezalel, the lampstand along with its seven lamps, tongs, trays, and utensils were constructed.

Exodus 37:25-29  Led by Bezalel, the altar of incense along with the holy anointing oil and the pure fragrant incense were constructed.

Notes: See Chapters 25, 30, and 34 for the instructions on how to build these objects. All the pieces described here are for inside the tent of the tabernacle.

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