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Exodus - Chapter 36

Bible Study Notes

Exodus 36:1-7 Moses tells the Israelites that the Lord has put the skill and intelligence into those He has called to do the work of building the Tabernacle. The skilled people received the contributions from Moses that the people had initially given to Moses. The people kept bringing more contributions every morning, more than that was needed. Moses told the people to stop bringing more contributions.

Notes: The earnest response of the people to the request for contributions (see 35:20–29), such that they had to be restrained from bringing any more (36:6), is a fitting response to the Lord who has been gracious and merciful in renewing his covenant with them.

Exodus 36:8-38 The tabernacle was thus made according to the instructions given to Moses by the Lord.

Notes: See Chapter 26 for the instructions on how to build the Tabernacle.

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