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Exodus - Chapter 22

Bible Study Notes

Exodus 22:1 Steal and kill (or sell) someone’s ox or sheep, they must pay 5 times the worth of the ox, and 4 times for the sheep.

Exodus 22:2-4 If you kill someone that breaks into your home, the offender is not guilty, but if the thief survives the strike, the thief must pay. If he has nothing, he shall be sold. If the beast is found in his possession alive, he must pay double.

Notes: At night quick evaluation of an intruder’s intentions was not as clear as it might be in daytime.

Exodus 22:5 If your beast eats of the field of another, he shall make restitution from his own field.

Exodus 22:6 If you start a fire and it burns someone’s field, you shall make full restitution.

Exodus 22:7-9 If your neighbor’s goods that you are keeping for him in your house get stolen, the thief who is found shall pay double. If he is not found, the owner has to prove HE didn’t steal the goods and he is not making up the story about a thief. The Lord will decide.

Exodus 22:10-13 If your neighbors animals that you are keeping for him in your house dies, is injured, or runs away with no one seeing it run away, an oath shall be given to the Lord. If the oath is given by the owner he didn’t steal the animals, he shall not make restitution. If he did steal it, then he shall make restitution. If it was torn by beasts and there is evidence, then no restitution will be made.

Exodus 22:14-15 If you borrow an animal and you are with it when it dies or is injured, you don’t need to make restitution. Only if you left it unattended when it happened do you make restitution.

Exodus 22:16-17 If a man takes a woman who is not his wife and mates with her, then he has to officially marry the woman and pay the bride-price. The father of the woman can refuse and instead just take the money.

Exodus 22:18 Sorceress’ shall be put to death.

Exodus 22:19 Mate with animal, you shall be put to death.

Exodus 22:20 Sacrifice to false gods, you shall be devoted to destruction, which in this case meant death.

Exodus 22:21-24 You shall do no wrong to a foreigner, widow, or fatherless child. The Lord hears their cry and will take revenge.

Exodus 22:25-27 You don’t exact interest when you lend money to someone who is poor. If you take his cloak as a pledge, give it back each evening for it his only covering.

Exodus 22:28 You shall not criticize the Lord nor curse a ruler over you.

Exodus 22:30 Extra from your harvest and wine presses should be given gladly to the poor. All first born is the Lord’s. Every firstborn ox and sheep shall be presented on the eighth day to the Lord as a sacrifice.

Exodus 22:31 You shall make yourself holy unto the Lord. Do not eat any animal flesh torn by beasts. Throw it to the dogs.

Notes: Flesh of an animal killed by another and lying in the field became unclean by coming into contact with unclean carnivores and insects and with putrefaction by not having had the blood drained properly from it.

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