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Exodus - Chapter 10

Bible Study Notes

Exodus 10:1-2 God now again does the hardening of Pharaoh’s heart for the purpose of showing his signs and the harshness of His punishments to be a reminder to future generations of the Jews.

Exodus 10:3-6 Moses delivered the warning of locusts that will eat everything and will be everywhere like Egypt has never seen before if Pharaoh did not humble himself before the Lord.

Notes: Locust invasions were feared in Egypt, to the point that the farmers often prayed to the locust god to ensure the safety of their crops. The humiliation of their god was total, as was the damage: “Not a green thing remained” (v. 15).

Exodus 10:7-11 Pharaoh’s servants tried to convince Pharaoh to let the Jews go. Egypt can’t stand more punishments. Pharaoh agreed, but he would not let the children go, for they were the future slaves of Egypt. Pharaoh said only the men can go.

Notes: For the first time calls Moses and Aaron back into his presence before the plague has begun. Also for the first time, God’s two spokesmen were angrily dismissed from the throne room.

Exodus 10:12-15 The Lord commanded Moses to stretch forth his hand, and the locusts came upon Egypt. The land was darkened there were so many. They ate everything.

Exodus 10:16-20 Pharaoh called Moses and Aaron back, admitted he sinned against God and Moses, asked for forgiveness, and asked Moses to plead to God to remove the locusts. Moses pleaded with the Lord, and the Lord removed the locusts, but God further hardened Pharaoh’s heart.

Exodus 10:21-26 God commanded Moses to stretch his hand over Egypt to bring darkness for three days. The land where the Hebrews lived had light. Pharaoh told Moses to go and worship their Lord and that they could take the children with them, but the flocks and herds must remain. Moses said the Lord commands that the animals go also for some of them the Lord will later instruct to become sacrifices.

Exodus 10:27-29 Again, the Lord hardened Pharaoh’s heart, and Pharaoh would not let them go because of the livestock. Pharaoh commanded Moses to leave his sight and never return to him, for the next time Moses shows up and looks upon Pharaoh’s face, Pharaoh will have Moses put to death. Moses agreed with Pharaoh that never again will Pharaoh see Moses’ face.

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