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Exodus - Chapter 07

Bible Study Notes

Exodus 7:1-4 God made Moses as God to Pharaoh and Aaron as a prophet, for God will work His wonders through them. God will harden Pharaoh’s heart so he won’t listen even though he will see God’s wonders and signs. In the end, God will bring his people out of Egypt by great acts of judgment. The LORD did it this way so the Egyptians would know without a shadow of a doubt; the LORD is the one true God. Moses was 80 and Aaron 83 years old at this time.

Notes: If you remember, Pharaoh did ask, “Who is the LORD? I do not know the LORD!” God is providing an answer to Pharaoh’s question.

Exodus 7:8-13 Aaron cast his staff before Pharaoh and it became a serpent when Pharaoh asked for proof that God spoke to them. Pharaoh’s sorcerers copied the same miracle (whether by trickery or evil supernaturalism not clear), but Aaron’s staff swallowed up their staffs. Pharaoh still would not let God’s people go free.

Notes: Though the sorcerers copied the miracles, they could not reverse or master over Moses’ and Aaron’s miracles.

Exodus 7:14-18 Instructed by God, Moses stood before Pharaoh at the Nile River, struck the water with his staff and turned it into blood to convince Pharaoh that the LORD is God and to let His people go free. The fish died and the water stank.

Exodus 7:19 Aaron was then instructed to strike with his staff all the other water resources in Egypt and turn it into blood, even standing water currently sitting in vessels made of wood and stone (like cups and buckets). This extent of changing the water vessels to blood proves that it was a real miracle and not some coincidental natural disaster.

Exodus 7:20-25 Moses and Aaron did all the LORD commanded, but the sorcerers in Egypt repeated the same miracles in order to disprove Moses’ message. And because of this, Pharaoh would not listen and remained hard-hearted. After seven days of blood-filled water, the Egyptians desperately tried to dig for fresh water to drink.

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