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Exodus - Chapter 06

Bible Study Notes

Exodus 6:1 God assures Moses that Pharaoh will heed the message through God’s strong hand.

Exodus 6:2-5 God revealed His new name (attribute) for the first time to Moses as LORD (Yahweh) which means the God that was revealed but Who will now ‘act’ out His promises.

Exodus 6:6-8 By revealing to the children of Israel that God is about to act out His promises made to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, they will then know God as ‘The LORD’, for He desires to have a personal relationship with them.

Exodus 6:9 Moses relayed the message to the people of Israel, but they would not listen because they dwelt more on their new horrible circumstances in slavery.

Exodus 6:10-13 The Lord commanded Moses anyway to deliver again the message to Pharaoh, even though Moses complained the people would not hear of it, so neither would Pharaoh, and besides, I again think that I lack the skills to communicate this properly. The Lord charged them to GO!

Exodus 6:14-27 The heads of the fathers’ houses are now listed to reassure to the children of Israel now listening before entering into the land of Canaan that Moses and Aaron are the true ones called by God to fulfill the promises made to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and to not doubt.

Exodus 6:28-30 Yet again, Moses confesses he lacks the skills to communicate this properly to Pharaoh.

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