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Exodus - Chapter 05

Bible Study Notes

Exodus 5:1-3 Moses and Aaron delivered the Lord’s message to Pharaoh. Pharaoh asked who this ‘Lord’ that he should obey his command. And since Pharaoh did not know this ‘Lord’, he refused to heed the message. They told Pharaoh that the ‘Lord’ was the Hebrews ‘God’ and unless Pharaoh heeds the message, the Lord will bring judgment against Egypt.

Exodus 5:4-9 Pharaoh said that the Hebrews had work to do and he would not grant their request. Not only did Pharaoh refuse to heed the Lord’s message, but he made it worse for the Hebrews by forcing them to gather their own straw to make bricks without disrupting their quota for the day. Since the Hebrews have time to think about resting and meeting their God in the wilderness, they must have too much time on their hands and not busy enough, so Pharaoh pressed them with more burdens as to forget their desire to heed Moses and Aaron’s message from the Lord.

Exodus 5:10-18 The taskmasters relayed the message to the Hebrews, and of course when the quota could not be met, the Hebrew foremen in charge of the brick production were whipped and questioned as to their failure to meet the quota. The foreman complained to Pharaoh by stating that it is the fault of the Egyptians for they used to provide the straw. Pharaoh repeats his declaration that it is because the Hebrews are idle, so he figured they had time on their hands to gather their own straw. Pharaoh would not listen and sent them away.

Exodus 5:19-23 The Foreman then approached Moses and Aaron and blamed them for getting them in hot water with Pharaoh for they could never meet Pharaoh’s demand which would causes them to look bad in front of Pharaoh and the Hebrews. Now even Moses was a bit shocked by the result of delivering God’s message. God did not reveal this further burden would happen to the Hebrews, and he questioned God why He allowed it. He figured the mission was a failure, as if God did not anticipate Pharaoh’s reaction. Moses shows lack of patience and faith since God did tell say that Pharaoh would not let the Hebrews go unless forced by His power through miracles of judgment.

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