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John - Chapter 17

Bible Study Notes

John 17:1-5 Jesus is ready to be glorified and return the glory back to the Father. Eternal Life is about to be paid for all those that believe in the true Father and sent to His Son for forgiveness and Eternal Life.

Notes: In this new era (Christian), the Father has granted Jesus all authority over mankind.

Notes: The Father’s glory is that He be glorified for his redemptive plan in the Son. Jesus’ glory is his death that by it, would receive adoration, worship, and love from those whose sins he bore.

John 17:6-19 Jesus has made the Father known to all the Father willed to know (Those that believe in the true Father). Those that the Father has brought to His Son believe that Jesus came from the Father. Jesus prays that the Father will keep the disciples that He has given Jesus after He dies and returns to Him, except of course for Judas. Jesus asks that the Father not immediately remove them from the earth, but to protect them in order to accomplish the ministry that the Father has for them to do.

Notes: Be One: The unity of a common mind and purpose, an unqualified mutual love, and togetherness in mission, as revealed in the Father-Son relationship characterized by Jesus’ own ministry.

John 17:20-26 Jesus extends His prayers to the Father to all the future yet people (2000+ years and counting) that will put their faith in Jesus. Jesus prays ultimately that those that put their faith in Jesus, Jesus Himself, and the Father will all be one so that the world will see the Truth that the Father has sent Jesus. Jesus prays that one day all those the Father has given Him will live with Him in His presence for eternity and to see the glory the Father has bestowed upon Him. Jesus asks the Father to put that same kind of love that the Father loved Jesus into the hearts of those that put their faith in Him.

Notes: You loved me before the foundation of the world implies that love and interpersonal interaction among the members of the Trinity did not begin at any point in time but has existed eternally, even before the material world that we know existed (The universe and all that is in it).

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