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John - Chapter 16

Bible Study Notes

John 16:1-7 Jesus again tells His disciples about the persecution they will face after He goes away to help strengthen their faith in order to not destroy their witness of Him. Jesus assures the disciples that by going away is to their advantage, especially since the Holy Spirit will come shortly after to help them.

Notes: Believers may think opposition means that God opposes them, but Jesus emphasizes that persecution is to be expected.

John 16:8-15 The coming of the Holy Spirit will also convict the world of sin (Their unbelief in Jesus - This is the only sin, ultimately, that damns people to hell. Though all men are depraved, cursed by their violation of God’s law and sinful by nature, what ultimately damns them to hell is their unwillingness to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior), and righteousness (Jesus returns to the Father after fulfilling His mission and purpose and to shatter their self-righteousness), and judgment (Satan is now judged, GUILTY, for Satan’s judgments are blind, faulty, and evil, especially their false judgment about Jesus. Satan, the ruler of the world, who, as the god of this world, has perverted the world’s judgment and turned people from believing in Jesus as the Messiah and Son of God, was defeated at the cross. While Christ’s death looked like Satan’s greatest victory, it actually was Satan’s destruction. The Spirit will lead sinners to true judgment.).

The Holy Spirit will also reveal future things to come. The Spirit’s job is to glorify Jesus by receiving from Jesus and then giving it to us, for what Jesus has was given to Him by the Father.

Notes: The Holy Spirit will reveal the glories of Christ to his people. He will also inspire the writing of the NT, guiding the apostles to write it.

John 16:16-24 In a little while (in a day) they will see Jesus no more, but later after Jesus rises from the dead, He will reappear to the disciples in His glorified body. The world will rejoice that Jesus is dead, but the disciples will mourn. But, their mourning will turn to joy when they see Jesus again shortly after, and the world's joy will turn to mourning for rejecting Jesus.

Notes: Another meaning to ‘in a little while you will see me’ could point to the Holy Spirit for Jesus and the Spirit are both one and the same. Also, Jesus’ going away could refer to after His ascension into Heaven.

John 16:25-28 Jesus spoke mainly in parables and figures of speech mostly because of the Jews disbelief, but after Jesus is gone and the Spirit comes, all things will be given and taught plainly to them, just as it is recorded in our bibles today.

When all the things that Jesus predicted comes to pass, the disciples will then understand better what Jesus was talking about.

Jesus tells the disciples that when we ask for things in His name, the Father will grant it automatically because the Father already accepts and loves us because we accept and love His Son, Jesus.

Notes: Asking in Jesus’ name means simply asking on the basis of his merit, his righteousness, and for whatever would honor and glorify him so as to build his kingdom.

John 16:29:33 The disciples affirmed that they now knew and trusted that Jesus came from God. Later, their faith will be tested when Jesus is arrested, and out of fear and doubt, abandon Jesus, leaving Him all alone. Again, Jesus emphasizes His reason for telling His disciples these things is so that they will have peace when these things occur for Jesus knows that they are weak and ensures them that He will never abandon them.

In this world, there will be hard times. Life is not easy. But we should not focus on these things, but on the fact that Jesus has overcome all this and one day we will be with Him where He will wipe all the tears from our eyes.

Notes: Jesus' victory over the world is the ground for our endurance in persecution. The world's opposition is null and void for the attacks made to us are harmless in the life to come seeing that Jesus has already defeated the whole evil rebellious system.

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