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John - Chapter 14

Bible Study Notes

John 14:1-4 Knowing the disciples would panic that Jesus was about to die and go away, Jesus assures them that when He is away, He will prepare their home in Heaven and one day come back for them.

John 14:5-11 The disciples did not know exactly where Jesus was going, but it doesn’t really matter. Jesus is the way there, and we can take comfort in knowing they He will arrange our trip to Heaven. Jesus further explains that seeing Jesus was seeing the Father. Still confused, the disciples asked Jesus to show the Father. Jesus basically says, YOU’RE LOOKING AT HIM. Jesus was the exact image of the Father. The Father lived in Jesus and Jesus in the Father. Though you can’t see this proof, look at the miracles as proof that He is telling the truth.

John 14:12-14 We will do greater works. These works are things that imitate His life and ministry, not just miracles, that includes evangelism, teaching, and deeds of mercy and compassion. We will be able to this because when empowered by the Holy Spirit, multitudes of Christians that represent Jesus will carry on the mission and cover more ground and to a greater extent. This is possible because Jesus is going to the Father. And anything we ask, Jesus will do it for us (as long as it is in the will of God). The things we ask for has to do with Kingdom building, not just any old thing.

Notes: On the day of Pentecost alone, more believers were added to Jesus’ followers than during his entire earthly ministry up to that time; cf. Acts 2:41.) These works are “greater” not because they are more amazing miracles but because they will be greater in their worldwide scope and will result in the transformation of individual lives and of whole cultures and societies.

John 14:15-17 Jesus will ask the Father to give us the Holy Spirit, but to only those that believe in Jesus.

John 14:18-24 All who obey Jesus, it is they who love Him. Jesus now includes us in the oneness with Him and His Father. If you love Jesus, the Father will love you and we all we be as one together. The disciples wanted to know why the rest of the world wasn’t included in this manifestation. It is because they don’t believe or love Jesus.

John 14:25-31 Jesus comforts His disciples with the fact that after He is gone, the Holy Spirit will come and live inside them and continue to teach them, guide them, and bring to remembrance all that He had taught them. Jesus told His disciples all these things in advance so that when these things came to pass, it would strengthen their belief in Him. Satan has no claim on Jesus. Satan cannot force Jesus to do anything, but Jesus willingly submits to the suffering that is to come, out of obedience to his Father.

Notes: To sum it all up. Jesus IS THE ONLY WAY TO HEAVEN!

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