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John - Chapter 13

Bible Study Notes

John 13:1-5 Those that Jesus loved to the end are all that received Him and believed He came from the Father. When the stage was set for Jesus’ hour (mission accomplished – time for the sacrifice), He gave an object lesson to leave with His disciples. Jesus washed the disciple’s feet; a task (not a pretty one) was for servants.

Notes: Now with Jesus’ public ministry complete, He concentrates on His private ministry with His disciples. What enabled Jesus to endure the coming cross was his reunion with the Trinity that He had eternally enjoyed since the beginning.

John 13:6-11 Peter was horrified that Jesus, “THE SON OF GOD” would wash his dirty feet and refused it. Peter missed the lesson. The washing of the feet symbolized the cleansing of their sins by Jesus. Jesus explained that He had to do this or Peter could not have not part with Jesus (Salvation).

Peter then said to wash all of him. Jesus gave another illustration of the feet washing, that although the one time washing of their sins gave them eternal life, they needed continual daily washing from their sins as part of the sanctification process and personal righteousness before God. Without this daily cleansing, there can be no fellowship, there would be no answer to prayer, out of God’s favor, chastised, etc.

John 13:12-17 Jesus teaches the disciples to do the same, to wash each other’s feet. This means to forgive one another and stay in fellowship with one another. Always follow the example of your master, God. If God loves you, love each other like God loves you. If God forgives you, forgive each other like God forgives you, etc.

John 13:18-19 Jesus reminds them again that not all of them are clean. What Jesus is teaching does not apply to Judas, for Judas was never fully washed clean of His sins. Judas was not saved. Judas was part of God’s plan to hand Jesus over to the authorities by betraying Him. After all these things come to pass, they will remember that Jesus predicted it which will help them to believe that Jesus is who He says He is.

John 13:20 To receive the messenger that Jesus ends, receives Jesus Himself.

John 13:21-30 Jesus clearly testifies that one of them was about to betray Him. The disciples were confused as to who would betray Jesus. Peter asked John to ask Jesus, Who? Jesus revealed to John who it would be by giving the betrayer a piece of bread. As soon as Jesus gave Judas the bread, Satan entered Judas. Jesus commanded Judas to do His deed (betray Jesus’ whereabouts to the Jewish leaders) quickly. Judas left immediately, but the other disciples were still confused.

John 13:31-35 With Judas gone, Jesus’ hour had finally arrived. This is the night He would be arrested, tried, and found guilty of blasphemy (claiming to be God’s Son). The glorification of the Son and Father was at hand. Jesus told His disciples He was going away (die, return to the Father), and for now, they cannot follow. Jesus left them with one last commandment, to love one another as Jesus loved them so that the whole world will know that they are truly Jesus’ disciples.

John 13:36-38 Peter wanted to follow Jesus, but Jesus said… later. Peter was willing to lay down his life for Jesus. Jesus, knowing Peter’s heart said that not only will Peter NOT lay down His life for Jesus, but actually deny that he even knew Jesus three times!

Notes: Jesus’ work was nearly finished; the disciples was just beginning. Only Jesus, as the sinless sacrifice for the trespasses of the world, could go to the cross and die. Also, only he could be glorified in the presence of the Father with the glory that he possessed before his incarnation.

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