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John - Chapter 10

Bible Study Notes

John 10:1-15 Enter the sheepfold (Kingdom of Heaven) by the door (Christ). The one who enters by the door is the Shepherd (Christ) Christ’s followers are the sheep. The door represents the only way to salvation. The Shepherd  refers to the one who lays his life down for the sheep.

Notes: All who came before me may hint at messianic pretenders who promised their followers freedom but instead led them into armed conflict and doom.

John 10:16-21 The other sheep that is not of the sheepfold (Jews) Jesus is talking about are the Gentiles (us). Jews and Gentiles together will be one flock with one Shepherd. The Father loves the Son for laying down His life for us, but will resurrect Himself from death to be our Lord, Savior, Priest, and King. No one can take the Son’s life by their own will. Jesus lays down His own life willingly and allows Himself to die at the hands of men. Those who heard Jesus spoke still were divided on whether Jesus was a false prophet or the Christ.

John 10:22-30 Feast of Dedication (Hanukkah). The Jews demanded that they tell them plainly whether Jesus was the Christ or not. Jesus said He had already told them, but they don’t believe. Jesus also showed them by His works, but they attributed those works to the devil. They were not His sheep (one who hears Jesus’ voice and recognizes that He speaks from the father and is convinced that Jesus is who He says He is, the Christ, the Savior of the world!).

How it works:

1)    People hear what Jesus says.
2)    They believe and follow Jesus.
3)    The believers receive eternal life for their belief.
4)    The believers will never perish.
5)    The believers will not be snatched of Jesus’ hand by anybody or anything.
6)    The Father, who is the greatest of all has believers firm in His hands.

Jesus claims this authority for He and the Father are one and the same. Jesus claims to be God Himself (in the flesh).

John 10:31-38 Upon hearing this blasphemy, the Jews picked up stones to kill Jesus. Jesus wanted to know which work He performed they were going to kill Him over. They wanted Jesus dead for claiming Himself to be God. Jesus replied that if the scripture calls some men ‘gods’ or ‘sons of the Host High’, why accuse Him of blasphemy if He calls Himself the Son of God? The bottom line is if you can’t take Jesus’s WORD for it, then base your belief on the works (miracles), and that should be sufficient proof that Jesus is who He says He is.

John 10:39-42 The Jews would not believe Jesus’ works were tied to God, but instead the devil for they insist that anyone who works on the Sabbath is a sinner. They tried to arrest Jesus on the spot, but being God, He eluded them. Jesus left Judea and crossed the Jordan River where John the Baptist had baptized. Many came to Jesus there and put their faith in Him, regardless of what the Jewish leaders believed, the people where Jesus now was simply believed based on John the Baptist’s testimony alone about Jesus and the things he said Jesus would do.

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