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John - Chapter 08

Bible Study Notes

John 8:1-11 The next morning Jesus taught the people in the temple. The scribes and Pharisees brought a woman caught in adultery to test Jesus on whether He would do something different than what Moses commanded. Jesus said let the one who had no sin throw the first stone of execution. None were left to condemn her. Neither did Jesus.

Notes: Not in best manuscripts.

John 8:12-18 Jesus invited those to step out of the darkness and follow Him (The light) and have life. The Pharisees challenged Jesus’ teachings by saying He had no witnesses that what He is speaking was truth. Even if Jesus could not produce another witness for Himself (His Father), He could use Himself as a witness because He knew He was God in the flesh. Jesus said that though He did not come to earth to judge, if He did judge, it would be with Truth because He would only judge based on His Father’s judgment. According to the Law, two witnesses were enough to testify to a truth. Jesus is one, the Father is two.

John 8:19-20 The Pharisees said, show us your so-called father, your second witness, so we could hear His testimony. Jesus said there is no point for they knew neither Jesus nor God the Father so the testimony would mean nothing to them.

John 8:21-30 Jesus again testifies that He is soon to return to His Father and the Pharisees will die in their sin because of their unbelief in Him. The Pharisees assumed that Jesus would die and go to Hell because He was false, and they mocked Him by saying He would kill himself, for the belief was that those who killed themselves automatically went to Hell. Jesus answered by saying that they were from below (the natural world) and that He was from above (Heaven). They continued to ask Jesus who He was. Jesus told them He had been trying to tell them since the beginning of His ministry but they would not listen. Jesus said that they will come to know that He was who He claimed He was after they crucified Him on the cross. Jesus is one with the Father and His Father is pleased with. Many believed in what Jesus was saying.

John 8:31-41 Jesus said to believe in Him and you would know the Truth and that Truth would set them free from sin and bondage. The Pharisees said they had never been in bondage to anything. They were from the seed of Abraham and that is all that was needed. Jesus said it was not about who you were born to; it is about your sins. All are slaves to sin. Jesus can set you free from the slavery of sin. Jesus tells them that He speaks what He hears His Father telling Him and the Pharisees do what they hear their father (The devil) tells them to do. The Pharisees claim that Abraham is their father. Jesus said that if they were truly Abraham’s children they would imitate Abraham and do the righteousness that Abraham did (believing in God) instead of wanting to kill Him, so Abraham is not their father, but that their true father is the one that wants them to kill Jesus.

John 8:41-47 The Pharisees said they were not born from sexual immorality (like they believed Jesus was because Mary was pregnant before she married Joseph, though she conceived by the Holy Spirit). They then claimed what Jesus was claiming about Himself, that God was their real father. Again, Jesus said that was impossible for then they would know that Jesus was God Son. Jesus tells them directly that their father is the Devil, Satan himself, for they do the works of Satan. Satan is a murderer and a liar. Jesus challenged them to convict Him of any sin. If there were of God (followed God), they would know Jesus’ words were from God and would believe Him.

John 8:48-56 The Pharisees further insult Jesus by saying that he was a Samaritan (Not even a real Jew) and demon possessed. I guess that would complete disqualify Jesus’ claims. They were acting like their father Satan…. Liars. Jesus said they dishonored Him, the One who could keep them from spiritual death. The Pharisees believed they had Jesus where they wanted Him. Keep them from death? (They are thinking physical death). Abraham and the prophets died. Why did they die if you make such a claim? Jesus said that Abraham, though dead, rejoiced to see Jesus’ time (now), has saw it, and was glad. Abraham particularly saw in the continuing seed of Isaac the beginning of God’s fulfilling the covenant that would culminate in Christ.

John 8:57 Jesus would have to be pretty old to be born BEFORE Abraham in order for Abraham to see Jesus on earth. The Pharisees thought only in the sense of physical death. They said that Jesus wasn’t even anywhere near fifty years old. How could that be that Abraham saw Jesus. Jesus said that before Abraham, “I AM” which means He claimed to a transcendence over time that could only be true of God. I am who I am is what God said to Moses at the burning bush. They heard enough and picked up stones to kill Jesus for the number 1 blaspheme, to claim equality with God.

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