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John - Chapter 07

Bible Study Notes

John 7:1-9 Jesus avoided Judea and stayed in Galilee because of threats on His life. His brothers, who did not believe Him, told Him to go to Judea and show Himself and stop hiding out. Jesus said He would not go to Judea openly (as to declare Himself as King) for His time has not yet come.

Notes: So real and genuine was Jesus’ humanity, and so well hidden was his deity before he began his earthly ministry, that even those who had lived in the same house with him for nearly 30 years did not know who he was: not even his brothers believed in him. They lived and ate and slept in the same rooms as the eternal Son of God and did not know it.

John 7:10-13 The people in Jerusalem were discussing Jesus and no one could agree on who exactly Jesus was. The Jews (the leaders) were looking for Him to arrest Him. People were afraid of the Jews, especially those who leaned toward believing in Jesus out of fear of being tossed out of the synagogues or worse.

John 7:14-24 Jesus stood up and started speaking. The Jews argued how He could have learned all He taught for He wasn’t schooled in the scriptures. Jesus, knowing what they said, rebuked them by saying He is simply speaking what He is told to speak by God Himself, God’s will, not on His own authority. Jesus asked them flat out why they were seeking to kill Him if He came directly from God and speaking what God wants Him to say. The crowd, maybe not knowing the Jewish leaders wanted to kill Him thought he was possessed by a demon for thinking such a thing. Jesus said that they all freaked out because He did one miracle on the Sabbath day, but it was okay to circumcise a male child on the 8th day if it happens to fall on the Sabbath… but that is okay? Judge correctly!!!

Notes:  if “perfecting” one part of the human body on the Sabbath was legitimate, how much more the healing of an entire person

John 7:25-32 Some of the people wondered if the leaders actually thought Jesus was the Christ, but yet want Him dead. They reasoned that believed Jesus not to be the Christ for they were told that nothing in the scriptures hinted where the Christ would come from.

Jesus basically says that He has made it very clear where He came from, but they don’t believe because they really don’t know the Father in the way they ought to know Him. After Jesus said that He knew the Father, came from the Father, and was sent from the Father, this was too much for the Jews to handle so they tried to arrest Him. Yet, so far at this point in time, many did believe in Him which upset the Jewish leaders (Jesus was stealing their thunder and taking the attention away from them) and sent officers to arrest Jesus.

Notes: His enemies could not capture or harm him until “the hour” of his arrest, crucifixion, and death, as ordained by God. God the Father would not allow these things to happen until the earthly ministry of Jesus (God the Son) was complete

John 7:33-36 Jesus then told the crowd (based on the increased hostility of the Jewish leaders knowing His time was short) that He would soon be leaving them where they would not be allowed to follow (back to His Father in Heaven). The crowd didn’t understand what Jesus meant, but thought he was just going to physically move away to another country.

John 7:37-49 Jesus again invites the people to feed on Him and the gift of the Spirit will be given them. Again, there was much confusion about who Jesus was and where He came from so there was much division. Again, if they read their scriptures they would have the right information and able to know for certain that Jesus is who He said He was. Even though orders were given out to arrest Jesus, no one did so, for Jesus’ time had not yet come. The Jewish leaders rebuked the officers for not obeying their command to bring Jesus into to custody. They basically said that no matter what Jesus does or says to convince you He is the Messiah or Christ, if they (The Jewish leaders) don’t believe it, than neither should anyone else believe it. This is how much sway the Jewish leaders had over the people. The common Jew feared the repercussions of the Jewish leaders for going against them. These leaders obviously didn’t care about the common Jew for they said they were dumb, didn’t know the law, and because of it, they were accursed of God. They only needed the common Jew in order to get praise by them.

John 7:50-52 Nicodemus, the Jewish leader (Pharisee) who came to Jesus secretly by night (back in chapter 3), challenged His fellow leaders and said in so many words to not act rashly and give Jesus a fair hearing to explain Himself. They rebuked Nicodemus, mocking the fact that no prophet arises from Galilee?

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