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Deuteronomy - Chapter 28

Bible Study Notes
Deuteronomy 28:1-14 If Israel obeys all God’s commandments, he will bless them and set them high above every nation.

The blessings:
Whether in the city or country.
The womb, ground, cattle, herds, and flock.
Kneading bowl.
When you come in and go out.
Lord will defeat their enemies.
In their barns and land.
Established as holy.
People shall be afraid of the Israelites.
Rain in its season.
The work of their hands.
They shall never have to borrow.

Notes: Just as the curses were given more prominence in the ceremony of 27:11–26, so the curses incurred by disobedience to the covenant were much more fully developed here. The perspective of Moses was that Israel would not prove faithful to the covenant (31:16–18, 27) and so would not enjoy the blessings of the covenant; therefore, the curses received much more attention.

Deuteronomy 28:15-68 The Lord again emphasises curses if they don’t obey which is the opposite of what is listed above, similar to curses in Chapter 27, and additional curses not mentioned, such as:
They shall receive confusion and frustration in all that they undertake to do.
Cause pestilence, wasting diseases, inflammation and fever.
Drought, blight, and mildew.
Soil worthless to grow crops.
Boils, tumors, and scabs where there is no healing.
Madness, blindness, and confusion of mind.
Oppressed and burglarized.
Wives shall be ravished by other men.
Shall not dwell in houses they build.
Shall not enjoy the fruit of their vineyards.
Enemies shall steal their livestock and herds.
Sons and daughters shall be taken away as slaves to other nations.
Exiled to another nation and forced to server strange gods.
Sowing will be fruitless.
Insects shall possess their trees and fruits.
They will become poor and need to borrow from other nations.
The Lord will eventually destroy them as a nation and sent into captivity.
During the siege of their enemies, they shall eat their own children to stay alive.
They will be inflicted all that the Lord put upon Egypt when He delivered them from slavery.
Their numbers shall dwindle in size.
They will be scattered among all the nations of the earth.
In these nations, they will have a trembling heart, failing eyes, and a languishing soul.
Have no assurance of life.
Some will return back to Egypt and offer themselves for sale as slaves, but no one will buy them.

Notes: a nation . . . from the end of the earth. God would raise up a nation to act as his own instrument of judgment against his ungrateful people. This foreign nation was described as coming from a far distance from Israel, a nation that would arise quickly and one that would completely devastate the land. This was fulfilled first by Assyria and second, by Babylon.

Only God’s grace would save a small remnant, thus keeping Israel from being annihilated. In the future earthly kingdom of Messiah, Israel will experience its regathering in faith, salvation, and righteousness.

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