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Deuteronomy - Chapter 15

Bible Study Notes
Deuteronomy 15:1-11 Every 7 years, all loans lent to a neighbor (debts) must be canceled and are no longer required to be paid back. No poor shall be among the children of Israel if they obey the Lord. They are allowed to lend to other nations, but never borrow. They shall rule over other nations, but no nation shall rule over them. If a brother does become poor, you shall not neglect them, but give them what they need. Don’t abuse the 7th year release by being greedy as to not lend out because you fear you may not get it back. They shall give freely and not grudgingly for the Lord will turn around and bless them with all they do. Because the poor will always be with them, they shall be generous in helping the poor.

Notes: All debts between Israelites are to be cancelled (or merely deferred for one year) at the end of every seventh year regardless of the amount of debt or its term. Debts owed by foreigners are not subject to this release.

Deuteronomy 15:12-18 All Israelites that sell themselves as slaves to other Israelites for 6 years to pay off a debt shall be set free in the 7th year along with providing them much resources to get a new start in life. If the slave is happy and wants to save serving his master, they shall perform a ceremony that causes the slave to dedicate themselves to their master forever.

Notes: To prevent immediate return to being a slave, the slave owner is not to let him go empty-handed but to furnish him liberally.

Deuteronomy 15:19-23 All firstborn males of their flocks without blemish shall be dedicated to the Lord, and shall eat it before the Lord year after a year as a sacrifice in the place that God chooses to be worshipped. 

Notes: Giving the firstborn is an expression of thanks and trust that more animals are to come.

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