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Deuteronomy - Chapter 10

Bible Study Notes
Deuteronomy 10:1-11 The Lord commanded Moses to cut 2 tablets of stone that Moses broke so the Lord can write the 10 Commandments on them again. Moses was told to build a wooden ark made of acacia wood so he could put the tablets inside of it. The Israelites then traveled to Moserah where Aaron died and was buried. His son, Eleazar took his place as High Priest. The Lord then set aside the tribe of Levi to carry the ark of the covenant. The Levites had no portion in the land for the Lord was their inheritance. The Lord then instructed Moses to lead the people into the land promised them.

Notes: God had listened to Moses’ intercession and dealt mercifully with the Israelites who had broken the covenant. Aaron didn’t die right away, but 40 years later. God showed great mercy to Aaron and restored his family to the priesthood because of Moses.

Deuteronomy 10:12-22 The Lord required the Israelites to love and follow the Lord and obey Him. He reminded them to circumcise their hearts and no longer be stubborn. God is not partial. He shows justice to the fatherless and the widow, loves the sojourner, so the Israelites should do likewise. They were to fear the Lord, serve Him, and hold fast to Him.

Notes: God, with the same sovereignty by which he controls all things, had chosen the patriarchs and the nation of Israel to be his special people. Moses called the Israelites to cut away all the sin in their hearts, as the circumcision surgery cut away the skin. This would leave them with a clean relationship to God.

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