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Deuteronomy - Chapter 08

Bible Study Notes
Deuteronomy 8:1-10 The Israelites were instructed to remember how the Lord cared for them during the forty year wandering in the Wilderness. God used this period to test their hearts which humbled them. God fed them manna. Their clothes did not wear out not did their bodies tire. God disciplined them when it was needed. As they were about to enter the land, a good land, they shall remember that they did not earn or make it good, but that God preserved it for them, a land where they will lack nothing and be blessed.

Notes: man does not live by bread alone. Israel’s food in the wilderness was decreed by the word of God. They had manna because it came by God’s command; therefore, ultimately it was not bread that kept them alive, but God’s word. The wilderness test was punishment for the generation that perished, but a loving act of discipline for the current generation.

Deuteronomy 8:11-20 The were instructed by God to keep His commandments, rules, and statutes, especially in times of plenty when most people forget God and all that He has done for them starting with freeing them from slavery. They were to be careful not to prideful and think that all that they have and will gain was from their own hands. They were to remember that the Lord has given them the power to get wealth. If they failed God, then He would destroy them and rip them out of the land, just like the nations they are about to drive out when they enter the land promised to them.

Notes: to do you good in the end. God designed the test of the wilderness so that Israel might be disciplined to obey him. Through her obedience, she received the blessing of the land. Thus, God’s design was to do good for Israel at the end of the process.

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