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Genesis - Chapter 47

Bible Study Notes

Genesis 47:1-6 Joseph told Pharaoh his family had arrived and is now in Goshen. He presented five of his brothers to Pharaoh to be questioned. They told Pharaoh they were shepherds and asked Pharaoh’s blessing that they could dwell in Goshen. Pharaoh agreed and added that if there were any worthy men of the Hebrews, find some who could be put in charge of Pharaoh’s livestock.

Notes: Pharaoh obviously recognized that since Joseph was blessed in all he did, that Joseph’s family was granted the same favors.

Genesis 47:7-12 Joseph then presented his father Jacob to Pharaoh. Jacob told Pharaoh he was 130 years old, but not yet as old as his father's. Jacob blessed Pharaoh. Joseph provided food for his entire family free of charge.

Notes: Abraham and Isaac lived to be 175 and 180. Jacob blessing Pharaoh is an example of how the nation of Israel was to bless the world.

Genesis 47:13-22 All the money from the peoples of Egypt and Canaan were entirely spent buying the grain. They had none left to purchase more grain during the famine. Joseph gave them food in exchange for their livestock. When that ran out, the people offered themselves and their land as payment for more food. Joseph did as they wished. Pharaoh now owned everything, the money, the livestock, the land, and all the peoples as servants.

Genesis 47:23-26 Joseph reminded the peoples that they and their lands were now Pharaoh’s. Joseph gave them seed to grow their food and was commanded to give 1/5 of it to Pharaoh at harvest. Only the land of the priests did Pharaoh did not buy.

Notes: This is the first record in Scripture of a national income tax, and the amount was 20 percent. Later, after the exodus, God would prescribe tithes for Israel as national income taxes to support the theocracy

Genesis 47:27-31 Joseph’s family on the other hand flourished, gained possessions, and multiplied greatly. The Hebrews were in Goshen for 17 years when Jacob, at the age of 147 had Joseph promise that Joseph would not bury him (Jacob) in Egypt. Instead, when God ordained the time to leave Egypt, the Hebrews were to carry Jacob’s bones out of Egypt and bury him in the family burial cave (Machpelah) in Canaan. Jacob then died.

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