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Genesis - Chapter 45

Bible Study Notes

Genesis 45:1-3 Joseph, upon hearing Judah’s speech, became emotional and started to cry. He ordered everyone to leave except his brothers. Joseph reveals himself to his brothers and again asks if his father is still alive. Joseph’s brothers were speechless.

Genesis 45:4-10 Joseph told his brothers not to be angry at what they did to him, but said that ultimately it was God’s plan to send him to Egypt to preserve a remnant of the children of Israel. He told his brothers to tell his father that Pharaoh has made him lord over all Egypt and to come to him. Joseph said that the entire family was to come and stay in Goshen.

Notes: Joseph would have been 39 years old and away from his brothers for 22 years. Joseph chooses the region of Goshen because of its suitability for herdsmen and its close proximity to him. This location probably also lessened the likelihood of Jacob’s family being absorbed into Egyptian society (as Joseph had been), enabling them to retain their ethnic and religious distinctiveness. Over 400 years later, at the time of the exodus, the Jews still lived in Goshen

Genesis 45:11-15 Joseph said that he himself will provide for all of them, mentioning that there was five more years of the famine to come. They wept and hugged and kissed each other and talked. Reconciliation was accomplished with much emotion, which clearly showed that Joseph held no grudges and had forgiven them, evidencing the marks of a spiritually mature man.

Genesis 45:16-20 Pharaoh heard about the reunion with Joseph and his brothers and was glad and affirmed that Joseph’s entire family was welcome to stay in Egypt and have the best of everything.

Genesis 45:21-24 Joseph gave his brothers everything they could possibly need for the journey home to help them on their return back to Egypt. All the brothers got a change of clothes, but Joseph gave Benjamin 300 shekels of silver and five changes of clothes.

Notes: Do not quarrel on the way? Joseph’s admonition, Do not quarrel on the way may have been necessary for his brothers; but the narrator records it in light of his purpose to promote unity among the people of God who read this.

Genesis 45:25-28 The brothers returned to Canaan and told their father everything, but Jacob did not believe it. After much talk and the stuff they brought back from Egypt, Jacob was finally convinced and said that he would go to Egypt and see his Joseph before he died.

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