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Genesis - Chapter 39

Bible Study Notes

Genesis 39:1-6 The Lord was with Joseph, even in his slavery, blessed him. Because the Lord blessed Joseph, He blessed everything Joseph did. Potiphar realized this and elevated Joseph from a mere slave to master of his household and left Joseph in charge of everything. Potiphar’s house was also blessed by the Lord.

Genesis 39:6-10 Potiphar’s wife, seeing that Joseph was very attractive wanted to sleep with Joseph. Joseph refused to do this great wicked sin against God. She didn’t care and kept trying, but Joseph kept refusing.

Genesis 39:11-18 One day, Potiphar’s wife caught Joseph alone. She asked again and grabbed his garments. Joseph refused, and pushing away his garment tore off and he fled out of the house. Fearing that she her plan would be revealed to everyone and her husband, she made up a story that Joseph tried to sleep with her and wanted him put to death.

Notes: Potiphar’s wife also neatly shifted the blame onto her husband for having hired the Hebrew in the first place (vv. 16–18) and stated this also before the servants (v. 14).

Notes: Another garment used as a mean for deception. (Jacob’s skins to deceive his father and Joseph’s bloody robe to deceive Jacob.)

Genesis 39:19-23 Potiphar’s wife told her husband, Potiphar, the same story. Pressured by her and the evidence of the garment, he angrily threw Joseph into prison. The Lord again was with Joseph, even in prison, and continued to bless him, love him, and gave him favor in the sigh of the keeper of the prison. The keeper of the prison, like Potiphar, put Joseph in charge of all the prisoners, for whatever Joseph did, the Lord blessed. The keeper saw the qualities in Joseph, and again, Joseph was elevated to a position of leadership and responsibility, though he was unjustly in prison.

Notes: God’s presence with Joseph is linked to Joseph’s commitment to the Lord. God did not permit this initial painful imprisonment to continue and quickly elevated Joseph to a position of honor.

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