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Genesis - Chapter 22

Bible Study Notes

Genesis 22:1-2 God tests Abraham’s obedience in seeing whether or not he would offer his only beloved son, Isaac, (Exactly what God calls his Son, Jesus to do) as an offering for sin. It is said that Abraham understood that Isaac would have been that sacrifice that God commanded to reverse the curse of sin.

Notes: With the departure of Ishmael, Isaac becomes Abraham’s only son. Also, the land of Moriah was where Solomon built the first temple on the mount of Moriah in Jerusalem, the same city where Jesus was sacrificed.

Genesis 22:4 It took three days to get the place of sacrifice. God allowed this journey to test Abraham, giving this much time to mull over what was demanded of him, whether or not he would follow through with the test.

Genesis 22:5 Abraham told the truth to his servants that he and Isaac were going up to the mountain to worship. A sacrifice is an act of worship to God. Abraham also believed that he would return with Isaac, believing that God would raise Isaac from the dead.

Genesis 22:6 Just as Jesus carried his cross (made of wood) to his own sacrifice, Isaac carried his own wood that would be used to kindle the fire that would consume Isaac as a burnt offering to the Lord.

Genesis 22:7-8 Isaac wanted to know where the lamb was for the offering.  Abraham did not answer Isaac’s question directly, but said that God would provide the lamb (Isaac).

Genesis 22:9-10 At this point, Isaac understood that he was to be the offering. Abraham was ready to carry through and be obedient to God’s command.

Notes: Even though we do not fully understand what God asks us to do, even if it may cause us human suffering, God knows what is best for our benefit and we should obey his voice not matter the cost.

Genesis 22:11-12 The Lord, seeing that Abraham feared Him and was going to carry out his command, withheld Abraham from killing Isaac.

Notes: Again, this was a test of Abraham’s faith. The true fulfillment of this sacrifice is when God himself provided the true lamb, His only beloved Son Jesus, to be slaughtered on a cross to save humanity.

Genesis 22:13-14 The Lord provided a ram to be offered in Isaac’s place as a burnt offering. Abraham, referring to the Lord as “The Lord will provide” is again prophetic to the day when He will provide the true sacrificial lamb, His only begotten Son, Jesus.

Genesis 22:15-19 As a reward to Abraham’s obedience, the Lord swore on Himself (Can’t swear any higher than that) that He will fulfill all His promises to Abraham.

Notes: The Lord said that, “In your offspring” all the families of the earth shall be blessed. This is by Jesus. This is why Abraham is considered the father of our faith. Abraham’s righteous act, being only a man, by willing to offer up his only beloved son Isaac, releases God’s mercy and grace in that one day; He would complete the sacrifice in His son, Jesus. Abraham is further blessed because that blessing would come through his own offspring. The Lord was willing to provide the sacrifice for man’s sin, but the Messiah would only be permitted to be born through the offspring of a righteous man, Abraham. In the end, Abraham’s obedience from this test guaranteed the coming of the Messiah, Jesus, who would save us from our sins. Little did Abraham know that his one act of obedience provided salvation for all humanity.

Genesis 22:20-24 These verses of Abraham’s brother’s descendants set the stage to introduce Rebekah, the future wife for Isaac. Isaac and Rebekah are considered second cousins. Abraham’s brother, Nahor, still lived back in Mesopotamia, though he had not seen him for about 60 years.

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