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Genesis - Chapter 19

Bible Study Notes

Genesis 19:1 Lot was sitting in the gate. Since city officials and other prominent citizens conducted the community’s affairs at the gate, Lot participated there as a judge.

Genesis 19:3 Lot insisted the men (angels) not sleep in the town square for it was dangerous. Lot proved to be righteous like Abraham and unlike the men of the city.

Genesis 19:5 All the men, knowing two strangers had entered their city, demanded Lot to turn them over to them so they could have their way with them. These men became a mob seeking an orgy of rape.

Genesis 19:8 A simple “no” should have been enough, but knowing these men would not take “no” for an answer, out of fear and desperation, offered up his virgin daughters instead. (Lesser of two evils – Homosexuality vs. Fornication) This foolish effort shows that while Lot was right with God, he had contented himself with some sins and weak faith rather than leaving Sodom. But God was gracious to him because he was righteous, by faith, before God.

Genesis 19:11 The angels pulled Lot back inside to protect him. The angels then stuck the men with blindness, but the men, wanting to carry out their evil desires, though blind, continued looking for Lot’s door.

Genesis 19:12-13 The angels revealed their intent to Lot that they were sent to destroy the city, but because of Lot’s righteousness, provided grace and mercy to his extended family.

Genesis 19:14 Other than Lot’s wife and two daughters, it appears there were only two more people within his family, two men engaged to marry his daughters, but they didn’t believe the warning.

Genesis 19:16 Why Lot hesitated to leave the city is not clear. It appears he had doubts about the warning also.

Genesis 19:17 The angels commanded Lot and his family to flee and not look back as the city was being destroyed.

Genesis 19:18-22 It appears that all the surrounding cities and the entire valley would be destroyed. Lot was concerned that fleeing to the hills would expose them to the elements and dangers of the wild. (He could have gone back to Abraham???) He instead convinced the angels to spare one of the cities that he might escape to instead. It was granted him. The city was called Zoar.

Genesis 19:23-25 The Lord purged everything with fire. Even the ground had to be purified.

Genesis 19:26 Lot’s wife disobeyed the angels warning. Looking back at the city, she was judged by the same source God used to judge the cities, engulfed perhaps in the fiery matter raining in molten lumps from the sky.

Notes: When we become Christians, we are not to look back on our previous sinful lives of what we once were, but press forward. Falling back on our sinful ways will invoke God’s judgment on us.

Genesis 19:29 God remembered Abraham’s plea and did beyond Abraham’s request. There were not 10 righteous found, so the Lord followed through by destroying the city, but He would not destroy the righteous with wicked and allowed Lot and his family to escape.

Genesis 19:30 Lot was afraid to live in Zoar for perhaps the city was just as wicked as the cities God destroyed, and he most likely learned a lesson about surrounding himself and living among unrighteous, unGodly people.

Genesis 19:31-38 Lot’s daughters assumed either that God destroyed every person on earth or their isolation in the caves from the rest of humanity would prevent them from marriage. They took it upon themselves to preserve their father’s offspring (Most likely influenced by the corruption of the city of Sodom they lived in); by having, children by their own father (Incest). The two children born to them, Moab and Ben-Ammi would become the heads of two nations, the Moabites and the Ammonites. These two families would later be enemies of the children of Abraham (Israel), as Ishmael’s line (Arabs) would become.

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