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Genesis - Chapter 18

Bible Study Notes

Genesis 18:2 One of three men was a manifestation of the Lord Himself. See verse 1.

Genesis 18:3 and said, "O Lord, if I have found favor in your sight, do not pass by your servant. Abraham sought a blessing from the Lord.

Genesis 18:4-5 Although Abraham speaks of a little water (v. 4) and a morsel of bread, he proceeds to prepare a substantial meal.

Genesis 18:6-8 These verses detail the preparations of the meal, underlining the expense to which Abraham goes in order to cater lavishly to his visitors. he stood by them. Abraham does not eat with the men, but like a servant, he waits on them.

Genesis 18:12 Sarah laughed just as Abraham did upon hearing that in her old age she would have a son.

Genesis 18:13 The Lord heard Sarah laugh even though from a human perspective she did it not loud enough to be heard. The Lord knows all, even our secret thoughts.

Genesis 18:15 Not knowing that Lord could read her thoughts, Sarah out of fear denies laughing, but the Lord must set the situation straight and declares once more, "No (You are not telling the true), you did laugh.

Genesis 18:16-19 Seeing that the Lord chose Abraham as an instrument of righteousness, he allowed Abraham to see what He would do to those who did not keep the ways of the Lord in unrighteousness.

Genesis 18:20-21 The Lord already knows that the outcry is true, but He does it this way to allow Abraham the opportunity to exercise his faith and intervene with same mercy and compassion that He bestow upon those who are made righteous through the grace of His son, Jesus.

Genesis 18:22 The other two men were God’s angels who continued toward Sodom while the Lord remained behind to converse with Abraham.

Notes: The Law states that you need at least two witnesses before passing judgment. As already stated, though the Lord already knows the extent of Sodom’s sin, He sends two witnesses (His angels) to testify before passing judgment upon them.

Genesis 18:23-26 Out of concern for Lot, Abraham intercedes with God regarding his nephew and his family. Abraham, knowing the Lord is just, exhibits his faith by interceding for the righteous proving his god-like character.

Genesis 18:27-33 The Lord rewards Abraham’s faith by agreeing to spare the city if He finds at least 10 people in the city who do not follow the way of unrighteousness. Abraham’s intercession for the Gentile cities of Sodom and Gomorrah is in line with his calling to be the vehicle of blessing to the whole world. The principle has been established that God will not punish the righteous along with the wicked.

Notes: The Lord extends to us this same mercy through His son Jesus for all those that believe, even if only 10 people in the entire world from the beginning to the end are saved.

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